T minus 10 days and counting…

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Parenting

Liz here. Chasitty informed me that my count was all wrong and we were actually leaving in 10 days, not 11. See this countdown is more important to her than you may know. We are leaving town on Aug 29, which happens to be her 13th birthday. To all those we love in FL, the little girl you last saw in person when she was 6 is about to be an official teenager! She has asked for red highlights in her hair and a nose piercing to celebrate. I’m feeling something more along the lines of Play-Doh or markers…some new flip flops maybe?

Honestly though, I’m fine with both her requests. This is NOt one of those battles I’m going to pick. Modest clothing? Yes. Appropriate attitude toward adults? Yes! Putting her time with God first in her life? YES! A hair color that she’ll get tired of and a hole that will quickly heal? No. Maybe you disagree. And that’s fine. 😉 It’s one of those things we can disagree about.

What do you think about Chasitty’s requests? Are they reasonable or should we refuse? Does this really matter or is it like eating pork?

  1. Kimberly says:

    Bianca (and maybe even Tiff, i can’t remember, lol) reallly wants her nose pierced too! It must be the age ;O) I say go for it on BOTH!! But hen again, I did have BRIGHT PLUM hair when i was 17 ;O) lol!!

  2. Tammy Arsenault says:

    I am with you , these requests are reasonable .

  3. Ken says:

    As I raise my teenagers, the issue of the heart is much more important than the external behaviors. However, the externals often tell us what is going on in the heart. If having a hair color or piercing is what my daughter needs to find value in life, to fit in with friends, to “make a statement”, then much more probing needs to go into the request. If she just likes the way she looks with purple hair and a nose ring, that might just be a preference I need to learn to live with.

    Too often we are quick to squelch rebellion that does not exist. Just as often though, especially with “good kids” like my daughters, rebellious issues of the heart are not recognized as such until they ponder the motivations of their behavior.

    (By the way, this is true of me as well, some of the good I seek to do is done in “rebellion” to God, even to the point of full time ministry! When what I am doing becomes about me, it is in direct rebellion to God. Just a thought.)

    • morristribe says:

      Thanks for your perspective Ken, it’s so true! When we asked Chasitty about her motivations for wanting the piercing she said, “Because I like how it looks.” What better reason to do it?! We conversed with her and explained that if at any time we felt a heart issue tied to her piercing we would be quick to remove it but that we were happy to honor her request as a demonstration of our love for her.

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