NH to NC

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Travel

Liz here. I’m sorry if you’ve spent the last few days wondering if we’re still alive. The truth is: we are! We’ve had a turbulent first four days full of wonderful blessings and difficult ones.

Sunday we were honored to celebrate the 13th birthday of our oldest daughter. We sent her off to the flea market with some very loving neighbors to get her “bling on” for the big trip. We shared God’s vision for the resource center at the morning service at LifeWay Church in Derry, NH (our home church). Ism did fantastic during his first large group presentation. All those hours of prayer and preparation paid off! They are currently supporting our ministry with a Leadership Gift and we are very blessed and thankful for their obedience to God’s prompting!

We came back home to finish the final packing that we fell behind on the night before and were blessed once more. So many different friends came by to help in whatever way they could. We had folks packing our clothes, folks that came by to help make sure the trailer was safe and ready for the haul, folks that brought us lunch, folks that brought us financial gifts for the trip, folks who cleaned our our fridge and got the rest of the house ready to be vacant, and folks taking care of Bologna. The final blessing was the loaner GPS we have with us now. It is fantastic. Without it, the trip would have been MUCH harder!

Though we tried with all our might, we didn’t end up pulling out of our driveway until 6 pm Sunday night. We were tired and a little frustrated, but we were on our way! We made it to Newport, RI and spent our first night in a Wal-Mart there.

DAY 2:

After getting groceries and packing up we made it back on the road again about 11 the next morning. We were bound for New York City and very excited. We managed to make it there for rush hour traffic and since the Jill (the GPS) doesn’t know we’re towing a trailer with propane that can’t go through the tunnels we managed to take an extended unintentional tour of Manahattan. Honestly, we all really enjoyed it!

With NYC (and what felt like $700 in tolls!) behind us, we set the GPS for a KOA outside Philly and headed out. We arrived there about 10:30 pm so exhausted that we couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at everything. At one point we drove by a sign that looked upon first inspection to read “Wig Salon and Pig Masectomy Boutique.” I was the only one who saw it and started laughing so hard I couldn’t share what was so funny. After about a dozen tries I finally managed to get it out and the girls joined me in the joke. As we headed back out the next morning we drove by the sign again and noticed that it actually said “Wig Salon and POST Masectomy Boutique.” A much more sober subject, but still slightly funny nonetheless.

DAY 3:

Back to Philly we went to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. However, it hadn’t occurred to us that we weren’t going to find a place big enough to park our rig. The result was a slightly disappointing ride to Philly and back out again. But at least we were able to see the city! We headed south toward Delaware to touch it and thus add it to our official state count (bringing the total at that point to 8). Then it was off to Hershey for a quick free tour of the facility and some free chocolate. Toured Amish country quickly…the kids got to see their first horse and buggy! From there we hit Gettysburg about dinnertime and the past few days stress and uncertainty came to a pinnacle. Yes, that’s a nice way of saying Ism and I had a blowout. We sent the kids off to frolick in the fields while we hashed it out. About 90 minutes and lots of humility later we had settled the issues and were off again. Praise the lord that He has a perfect order for the family and once we embrace it things go as He has planned! We made it to the Pennsylvania-Maryand border and settled into a nice Wal-Mart spot for the night.

DAY 4:

Grabbed some quick groceries at Wal-Mart and hit the road by 9:30 am. We made it across the parking lot before we realized we had a tough decision to make. We either had to head for West Virginia for a rendevous with a teen Ism has known for about a year and lose another day once there waiting for him to get out of school or skip the visit with Tyler and head south straight south to make up some lost time. This was a gut-wrenching call to make, but after being unable to get Tyler on the phone we headed toward North Carolina. We cut out TN, WV, and KY (we’ll get you on the next go round!) and made it to the KOA in Smithfield, NC just in time for the kids to get a quick swim before baths and dinner. We finished listening to “The Hiding Place” on CD and are still digesting all God is teaching us from that story. Powerful stuff! We also managed lunch at the Woodlawn Plantation in Virginia…an absolutely beautiful place!

Maybe you noticed that we haven’t connected with ANY CHURCHES yet?? You’re right. We had three fall through in the past few days. Please continue to pray for God’s provision for our family, for His guidance for my husband, and for His peace for me. This stepping out on the water thing is harder than it seems. And as you think of contacts you have across the country, keep sending them our way. We’re making calls and setting up times to share as we drive. Talk about a mobile office?!

  1. yamily says:

    Will definitely keep ur family in our prayers hope u guys have a much better time from now on.

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