WalMart Camping

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Travel

Liz here. I am writing to you tonight from Jacksonville WalMart parking lot. How do you like that setup??!! Praise the Lord for this store’s amazing overnight policy! Because we are welcome to stay overnight in any WalMart we only have to pay for a KOA site every other night. We’ve found them to be very hospitable and the walk for breakfast is wonderfully short.

We enjoyed a beautiful evening at Myrtle Beach last night. We managed to find a parking spot big enough for us, a quick walk to the sand, and an almost vacant beach. I think the hurricane scared away most of the tourists. Ism, the big girls, and I voluntarily were pounded by 5-10 foot waves for about an hour and a half before turning in for the night.

We made an 8 hour trek today to Jacksonville. We’re so closr to some folks we love so much and haven’t seen in so long that it was very hard not to finish the last 3 hours tonightm But the kids were toast, so we stopped. Tomorrow will be beautiful!

Please continue to pray for God’s guidance on which churches to share with and that we continue to follow God to the finish. We’ve had some really neat experiences already. Tonight we were able to share dinner with the security guard who’ll be patroling the lot tonight. We prayed with a woman from NY and her disabled son last night at the beach. Everywhere we go God is using us to bring light to our dark world. What a blessing!

Also pray for Micah. She’s developed some kind of yucky eye. Ism is with her at the hospital now to try to determine what’s up. We’ll keep you updated.

How can we be praying for you??

  1. Kendra says:

    You guys are great! I love you, I’m praying for wisdom, grace, and awesome blessings to surround you! Continue being a blessing to those you meet!

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