Dream Center Reunion!!!

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Travel

Liz here. We spent the last two days (Sat and Sun) visiting with so many friends from the Tampa area. The experience was so good for our whole family. We spent time with family from the country who fed us and loved us while we worked as inner city missionaries in Tampa from 2001 to 2004. When we were hungry they fed us. When we needed encouragment, they loved us. Seeing them again filled our hearts with joy and thanksgiving to the bursting point.

We spent a night out in Ybor City with many of the other folks we worked on staff with at the Tampa Bay Dream Center. You may wonder why this was significant, so let me explain. When Ism dedicated his life to God’s service it was because of the folks at the Dream Center. At the time he was homeless. He ended up at their Tuesday night service in the Joffreys coffee shop in Ybor City. The men in charge invited Ism to join their work and the rest is history. My husband credits most of what he is today to the training and instruction he received while serving at the Dream Center.

I entered the Dream Center after serious sin in my life caused me to be kicked out of a leadership program at the college I was at and the church I was attending. The leadership at the Dream Center took me in and cleaned me up. They loved me in the toughest ways and helped remove the rebellion from my heart. I learned a whole new kind of love there. The kind that’s strong enough to say “No” when it’s necessary. Being able to say thank you to Pastor Bill and Miss Kathy was worth the trip.

Then there was all the other people we worked with. One couple encouraged us to keep blogging and keep doing life the way God is leading. In a world that judges us so harshly it was sweet to hear their words. Another blessed us when they gave sacrificially to show their support. We are praying God continues to work in them and through them to carry their dreams to completion. We stayed with a family dear to us and were blessed to spend some quality time sharing what God is doing in our lives and praying for His continued guidance.

Also, we were able to attend a great church in Zephyrhills called True Life Center. We will be sharing our vision in depth with Pastor Randy on Wednesday. Please be in prayer that God leads the conversation and makes His will clear.

Finally, please be in prayer for our kids’ health. Micah is on meds for conjunctivitis. Janaya has sprouted some kind of funky rash on her face and legs. Please pray that the long days and different locations each night don’t take a toll on them but that His grace carries and protects then on this trip. Also pray for guidance that Ism and I are blessed with wisdom concerning when to push them and when to give them rest.


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