Panhandle to New Orleans

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Travel

Liz here. But you know that by now! We are spending the night at a WalMart about 10 miles outside of New Orleans tonight. We’re about 3 hours behind the original schedule but we don’t actually have to be anywhere at the moment until 2 pm Monday afternoon. We will be meeting with a pastor in Dallas then. It looks to be about 9 hours away so we will most likely drive most of that tomorrow and a bit of it Monday morning.
We’ve had an eventful past few days again. I’m discovering that even with all of my good intentions, posting every night is challenging. Especially while staying with friends whom I would rather hang with than this wonderful handheld device.
We spent Wednesday night back in Tampa. This time Ism hooked us up with a delicious Thai stir-fry and some really great appetizers. We were so full we didn’t even make it to the frozen fruit bars!
Thursday we drove up to Panama City and started the night off visiting a high school friend and her family. Then we headed to the laundromat and back to our parking lot for the night. We enjoyed a late night visit with an old college friend who thrilled us with his unique account of converting from Protestantism to Western orthodox. I’m going to have to learn more about this. I am intrigued!
Friday we headed to Pensacola area because there was one important couple from our Dream Center days that we had unfinished business with. We spent a few unbelievable hours at the beach there. Two sea turtles and two porpoises came by for a visit during that time. It was an experience none of us will ever forget. The rest of the country is going to have to work hard to impress us more than this. The most amazing thing is that our friend says she’s never seen either at this beach! After that amazing show we headed back to their house for the night. Our kids were treated to pizza and rides around the yard on the Power Wheels. We put the kids to bed and enjoyed some much needed grown up time.
As hard as it was, we headed out from Pensacola this afternoon. Our goal was Lafayette, LA but we were detained a little in two different places as the Lord provided opportunities to minister so we stopped here for the night.
I pray you enjoy the pictures of the beach and our lunch together at none other than CHIC-FIL-A!!! We waited a long time for this!


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