Amarillo, TX

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Travel

Liz here. So I hopped on to write a post this morning and realized that, sadly, my last one didn’t actually post. I apologize for the lapse in communication!

We drove yesterday from Tulsa, OK to Amarillo, TX. It was quite a haul. We witnessed some seriously beautiful scenery across Oklahoma and Texas. Our kids have all commented on how we’re obviously not in NH anymore. For a while down the coast of the Atlantic the scenery of pine trees was very similar to what we look at on I-93. But we’re in new territory now! We are officially on the left page of our map!

Monday we met with the pastor of Gateway Community Church in Wylie. This church is in the middle of putting up a building right across the street from the school where they are currently meeting. Please lift this project in prayer.

We met yesterday with an amazing pastor from International Gospel Center yesterday. God is in the midst of doing a similar thing with this church. The town is unable to continue operating their local rec center. The pastor sits on their board and is in prayer about the church taking over operations and using it to further the gospel. Isn’t it amazing when things come full circle and the church begins to take back surrendered territory??!! It is the job of God’s people serve our communities. Reminds me of those verses I can’t find at the moment that speak of inheriting towns you didn’t build and crops you didn’t plant. AMEN!

Please continue to pray for our family. We are wholly committed to this now and there’s no turning back. Pray that the churches we’ve met with move swiftly to partner with us in this mission. Pray that our financial needs are met just as swiftly. Pray that God continues to bless our children with patience and contentment while we drive and that Ism and I have wisdom to take breaks at the right moments. How can we pray for you?


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