Mt Pleasant, TX

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Travel

Liz here. We are officially in our 3rd week of travel now and we have been meaning to take a few posts to show you how all 9 of us live in our 15 foot travel trailer. But first, the daily update…

Yesterday we traveled from New Orleans up into Arkansas and crossed into Texas. We stayed at a KOA in Mt. Pleasant for the night. We got there early enough to swim, which thrilled the kids since they were tired of sitting still from our 6 hour drive.

So, here a our sleeping arrangements. Ism, Micah, and I sleep on one of the fold out bays. Aiden sleeps on the fold out couch and Chasitty and Janaya share the lay down table space. We leave the table down as a bed for the most part since moving it around is a lot of work. The bay gets folded up each morning and put back down each night.

Amado, Nattaly, and Ashley share the other bay at the kitchen and bathroom end of the trailer. This bay also gets folded up and down daily in order to travel.

When we arrive at our site each night it takes us about an hour to get moved from the van in travel mode to the trailer for sleep mode. Each night we shuffle our luggage from the camper to the van, setup up the blocks to keep the wheels still and the legs to level the trailer, lay down and setup the two sleeping bays, and make the beds. In the morning we put it all back and we’re ready for the road again.

So, what else do inquiring minds want to know about how this all works? Tomorrow we’ll share a little about how we make meals and keep everything neat.


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