Gingerale and Marshmallows

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Liz here. We led youth church last night with the team and had some fun moments. We led a contest in chugging ginger ale and marshmallows. Three boys volunteered. Two dropped out with half the 2 liter and half a bag of marshmallows left. The winner gripped his guts and moaned. But thankfully, or maybe disappointingly, he kept it all in. We had a good group of kids. About 40 showed up. Some other memorable moments include

-Ism running full speed ahead to tackle Cody (who unknowingly picked up a marshmallow at just the right time), hurling himself into the air, and throwing himself over Cody and onto the pavement.

-one girl sharing that you can fit 20 baby pigmy shrews onto a tablespoon and ants get drunk sometimes.

-a lesson on Ezekiel 8. Have you read this chapter?? God spoke to us about idols in our hearts and what detestable really smells like to God. We spoke about making sure that when we enter the courtyard that we have come to worship God.

-Seven teens visited for the first time. Please pray that God grabs the hearts of Briana, Jordan, Kirsten, Dan, Deja, Hannah, and Joe. Also pray protection from the enemy for them this week and that they continue to come.


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