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Liz here. We are settled for the night in Boise at the nicest KOA we’ve been at yet-and the price was one of the best too. The kids are tucked in and Ism and I are sitting in the laundry room waiting for the dryers to stop.

After a long day on the road and facing another tomorrow we discovered the indoor pool. It was already almost 9 pm and we still had to get everyone showered but we decided to take a few minutes to play. We all had a blast.
The pictures we included may need some explanation. The landscape is Mt.Rainier. If you look right above the trees you can faintly see it through the mist in the middle of the picture. Yes, that’s actually mist-not smog. Isn’t that beautiful?!

The other picture is Micah getting her first ride on the board. We start them young so they don’t develop fear! Papa took her for a ride around the park and she loved it so much that he gave her an opportunity to check it out first hand. She loved it.

We drove into Idaho today. That makes 27 states so far. Tomorrow we take Nevada and Utah. We connected with a friend from a church outside Salt Laker City and we’re headed there to meet. It will be a LONG day of driving tomorrow. Please keep the kids in prayer as you think of it.

Also, please lift our littlest girls up in prayer as they are fighting some kind of yucky tummy thing. It’s not severe, just uncomfortable.