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Sacramento to Seattle

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Travel

Liz here. It’s been a while. We’ve missed sharing with you!

We drove the long haul on Sept 20 from outside Los Angeles all the way north to Sacramento. We arrived just in time for dinner. The original plan was to take 2 more days to see Death Valley and Sequoia National Forest but Ism was itching to hug his mom so we bypassed them and headed straight for Yai-Yai’s house. We were there until yesterday morning. By adding a few days at the beginning and a few days at the end we extended our stay in Sac from one short week to two.

We were blessed to visit with pastors representing 3 different bodies as well as numerous folks that Ism knows from his time living there. We attended services at two different churches and fellowshipped with more believers than we remember. All of that served our trip’s first purpose of gaining support toward building the teen center in Derry.

We didn’t just work though! Our oldest girls spent days in the kitchen with Yai-Yai. They learned to prepare Pad Thai, Pad Ka Pow, Pad Se Ew, Spring Rolls, Thai Fried Rice, and Larp. (We will be eating well when we return home!) The kids played with Nathan (the only grandpa they know) and we visited many local spots that had meaning to Ism: the elementary school he went to, his favorite skate spots, and places he used to get in trouble.

We spent a few days visiting with the rest of the family too. We enjoyed meals and desserts together and played family vs. family games, and our kids were thrilled to have some quality cousin time. We also visited with one of Ism’s closest friends growing up. He and his wife credit Ism for them being together. They all lived a tough lifestyle together as young adults and we are so excited to report that about 18 months ago this family was saved! It was so exciting to fellowship with them for the first time…well at least the first time without needing a fan and an open window. Anyway, it fills the heart with joy!

So after all that, packing up to leave was tough-to put it nicely. But our family in NH is waiting for us; sending friendly reminders to make sure we come home soon. So we pulled out of the driveway Monday morning and it felt bittersweet. We were excited to be continuing our trip and sad to be leaving our family. Yesterday we drove into Oregon and stopped for the night. The mountains of northern California were stunning-unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

And now we’re just about to our KOA for the night. We’ll be staying just outside Seattle, WA. This is breathtaking country. The mountains and rivers are pristine and the people are friendly. Florida may have it’s beaches and Arizona’s plateaus are nice but the untouched acres here are whispering my name! I can just picture building a little homestead on one of these hills one day. Of course that would have to be God’s plan too!